4 Simple Steps to Getting SeaTac Free WiFi 2024

There is free WiFi throughout the Seattle-Tacoma Airport Terminal. You may use the Seatac free wifi on any device you like.

If you have various devices, such as laptops and phones, you may connect to the network using WiFi on every one of them.

SEA Wifi feeFree
Connectivity Duration4 hours
Wifi Speed103mbps
Data Use Unlimited

How to get access to the SEATAC Free Wifi?

  1. Go to the “Settings” Options of your device.
  2. Turn the WIFI on from the Wireless and Networks option.
  3. Select “SEATAC_FREE_WIFI” from the available networks.
  4. Use the network as you please.

What can you do with SeaTac Free WIFI?

There are no restrictions on services. You may watch sports, use social media, join meetings on the go or watch movies etc.


There are no charges for using the wifi.

Data usage

There are no limitations on data usage. You can use as much data as you need.

Network speed

In a 2018 test, the downloading speed was discovered to reach 103 Mbps!


A passenger can use the SeaTac Airport wifi for 240 minutes straight per session.


Is there WiFi at Sea-Tac Airport?

Yes, the wifi at SeaTac Airport is free of charge.

For how much time can a passenger use the free wifi at Seatac terminals?

A passenger may use the network for 240 minutes or 4 hours straight per session.

How many devices are allowed to connect?

There are no limitations on devices. You can connect WIFI on all the devices you possess.

What to do if I am not able to connect?

You can make contact with any of the stations. In the event of an emergency, you can also phone 206-787-3333.

Contact details

[800] 544-1965[206] 787-3000

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