6 Steps to Connect Orlando Airport WiFi 2024

Orlando Airport is reportedly the United States’ 10th most visited airport. It is continuing its service by serving more than 50 million people on average every year. To enable travelers to stay connected to the internet while being at the airport, Orlando authorities are now offering unlimited free internet.

The whole air terminal is under free WiFi network coverage and necessitates no additional charges. The WiFi facility at Orlando airport is provided by AT&T.

Service ProviderAT&T

How to connect to the Orlando airport WiFi?

  1. Go to the WiFi and Connectivity settings option of your device.
  2. Select “MCO Internet” from the available networks.
  3. Close the settings menu and open your browser.
  4. The browser will automatically open a web page where you have to submit some of your details.
  5. Select “Unlimited Free WiFi” from the options.
  6. Your device will now be connected to the network.

Services that can be enjoyed through Orlando Airport free WiFi

By connecting to the network travelers will be able to enjoy :

  • Instant messaging.
  • Video calling.
  • Watch movies and TV shows.
  • Reading articles on the web.
  • Any other task that does not violate the terms of conditions.


Everyone is welcome to use the free WiFi at Orlando Airport. As a result, commuters are not required to pay any fees.

Terminals with WiFi

The entire airport is now covered by free and unlimited WiFi.

Compatible devices

Any device that supports wireless capabilities can connect to the network.

Restrictions on usage

There seem to be no particular constraints. As a result, travelers can enjoy any task. However, they must remember the terms and conditions.

Data usage

There seem to be no data consumption restrictions. Commuters can enjoy unlimited data consumption.

Network speed

The network speed at Orlando International Airport is adequate for general web surfing and social networking use. When doing stuff on the internet that takes a lot of bandwidth, travelers may run into issues. That’s why the authorities recommend staying away from the crowd while using the network.

Connection time

There seem to be no time restrictions for travelers. As a result, you won’t have to think about the session running out of time.


Is there free WiFi at Orlando Airport?

Yes, Orlando Airport is under the coverage of unlimited free WiFi connectivity.

Is Orlando Airport WiFi good?

Orlando airport free internet service is good.

How much does Orlando Airport charge for WiFi?

No need to pay any amount for using Orlando free wifi.

Contact details

Call(407) 825 2001
MailGreater Orlando Aviation Authority Orlando International Airport One Jeff Fuqua Blvd Orlando, Florida 32827-4392

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