Top 6 Inflight WiFi Providers 2023

Many travelers use the hours spent in the sky to rest or enjoy a wonderful article. We’ve created a directory to inflight WiFi service providers for those who want or must have access to the Internet while flying at 30,000 ft.

For people who have important business to do or duties to respond to, being able to check messages or browse the internet from a great height is a lifesaver. The most widely known inflight WiFi providers currently are GoGo, ViaSat, Panasonic Avionics, AeroMobile Communications Limited, Inmarsat plc. and SITAOnAir.

Inflight WiFi Providers

Here are top inflight WiFi service providers at the moment :

  1. GoGo
  2. ViaSat
  3. Panasonic Avionics
  4. AeroMobile Communications Limited
  5. Inmarsat plc.
  6. SITAOnAir

Keep reading to learn detailed information about each of these provider’s services.

Things You Must Keep In Mind Before Looking For Inflight Wifi

  • WiFi might occasionally be restricted or inaccessible.
  • It’s not like all carriers provide Internet service on each and every trip.
  • Travelers will need to have their personal smartphone, tablet, notebook, and perhaps other devices if they wish to go online while flying.
  • Certain websites are blocked from viewing by some airline companies and Broadband providers.
  • It can cost you money to get great or perhaps even decent inflight WiFi alternatives.
  • Usually, airline internet speed is low.
  • For charging gadgets, airlines offer a variety of alternatives.

List Of Inflight Wifi Service Providers

1.  GoGo

GoGo is currently the most widely used airlines internet service provider. They have partnered with more than 2000 airlines and most famous airlines offer GoGo inflight packages.

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GoGo inflight WiFi packages :

1-Hour Pass7 USD
All-Day Pass19 USD
Monthly Airline Plan49.95 USD per Month
Global Delta Plan69.95 USD per Month
Annual Airline Plan599 USD per Year

Some Airlines that offer GoGo inflight WiFi :

Cathay DragonAmerican AirlinesKLM
Air CanadaVirgin AustraliaVietnam Airlines
Japan AirlinesUnited AirlinesAlaska Airlines
Hainan AirCathay PacificGol Airlines
Air FranceDelta Air LinesBritish Airways

2.  ViaSat

WiFi service company ViaSat is headquartered in California. This supplier uses the most current innovations, and they continuously update and enhance their services.

You can not buy WiFi packages from ViaSat directly. So, you will need to contact airlines using which you will be traveling and purchase an inflight WiFi package from them.

Some airlines that offer ViaSat inflight WiFi :

United AirlinesAlaska Airlines  
Israel AirlinesVirgin America
JetBlue AirlinesQantas     
IcelandairFinnair Airlines

3.  Panasonic Avionics

Ever since founding in 1979, Panasonic Avionics have continuously operated with the confidence of many.

In past times, it has experienced great success gaining a customer base. Several reputable airlines, including the ones listed below, rely on Panasonic Avionics as a reliable WiFi supplier.

Middle East AirlinesAir France
Gulf AirSingapore Airlines
AlitaliaTHAI Airways

Panasonic Avionics inflight WiFi packages :

EssentialBrowsing and TextingPricing depends on the airlines.
PreferedStreaming and othersPricing depends on the airlines.
PremiumEverythingPricing depends on the airlines.

4.  AeroMobile Communications Limited

It is easy and simple to access the inflight connection of AeroMobile. Whenever the aircraft is just above 20,000 feet, put your smartphone in “Flight Mode,” and if the cellular phone service provider has a global arrangement with AeroMobile, you’ll instantly access it.

There is no need to register or purchase on aircraft because your wireless service operator will bill customers for any inflight consumption.

Some airlines that offer AeroMobile inflight WiFi :

Cathay PacificEtihad AirwaysAsiana Airlines
EgyptairAer LingusLufthansa
Air BelgiumEmiratesBiman Bangladesh Airlines

5.  Inmarsat plc.

Their solutions, which cover security, functional, and passenger networking, are currently in use on more than 10,000 airplanes. Thanks to network resilience, they are the least risky product in the industry.

Some airlines that offer Inmarsat inflight WiFi :

AirAsiaSingapore Airlines 

6.  SITAOnAir

A Swedish business operates SITAOnAir. The aviation industry uses its facility more frequently. Known airlines that utilize this wireless carrier include :

Singapore AirlinesAeroflotTHAI Airways
British AirwaysEmiratesAeroflot


Who provides Wi-Fi for airplanes?

There are some companies that are solely dedicated to providing inflight WiFi services for airlines like OnAir, ViaSat and GoGo.

Can you buy inflight Wi-Fi?

You can obviously purchase inflight WiFi packages. But first, you need to make sure that the airline by which you are planning to fly does offer inflight WiFi services.

How expensive is inflight Wi-Fi?

Enabling WiFi service while 30000 ft on air and flying at a speed of hundred miles is still an advanced technology. It costs a lot for the airlines to build an inflight WiFi infrastructure and deliver the service to the travelers. That’s why inflight WiFi is still expensive.

Does Gogo still exist?

GoGo is still running in 2022 and offering first class inflight WiFi for regular travelers. 


To guarantee first-rate coverage, most carriers don’t depend on just a single WiFi service provider. As a result, many service companies might be connected to various airlines.

You may always feel comforted about being connected when traveling in the present era, regardless of who is delivering the connection.

Depending on the level of connection and duration restriction they offer, various WiFi providers bill in different ways. Always verify the bundle costs and accessibility in advance.

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