6 Steps to Getting Boston Airport WiFi 2024

Boston Logan Airport offers free wireless Internet throughout the terminal to be used with WiFi-enabled gadgets and mobile smartphones. They also have charging facilities throughout the airport.

Wi-Fi is provided throughout the airport, including kiosk check-in, gate areas, restaurants, and luggage handling. Travelers using wireless computers will have access to a broad variety of content for free categories, such as news stories, entertainment, travel, and recreation.

They will also get unlimited access to Massport’s website, which includes the Flight Monitor, Airport Monitor radar, and information on food and shopping. Travelers will also be able to pay $7.95 for 24hrs of public Internet access to read emails and surf the web while at the terminal.

Discussions are also being held with a number of Cellular Internet Companies (WISPs) about allowing consumers with subscription services to connect to The internet over the Logan Wi-Fi Network.

How to connect to Boston Airport Wifi?

  1. Go to the settings options of your gadget or smartphone.
  2. Turn the wifi on.
  3. Select “BOSWifi” from the available networks.
  4. A web page should open automatically.
  5. Agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  6. Enjoy unlimited data.

Data usage

There are no limitations on data usage. Passengers can enjoy unlimited data.


Passengers do not need to pay for using the WIFI network at the airport.


Is there wifi available on Boston Airport?

Yes, free WIFI is available at the Boston Airport.

What is the SSID of the Boston Airport WIFI?

The SSID of Boston Airport WIFI is “BOSWifi”.

Is the WIFI free at Boston Airport?

Yes, passengers can enjoy the wifi network without any additional charge.

How many devices can you connect to the network of Boston airport?

There are no limitations on devices. You can connect the network to every device you have.

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