7 Steps to Connect ANA WiFi 2023

All Nippon Airways or shortly ANA is the 2nd biggest air carrier of Japan. The airline has been providing quality service for a long time and their regular travelers seem to be very satisfied by their in-flight WiFi. They offer free in-flight WiFi connectivity for their first-class and domestic passengers. International passengers can avail the service by paying a charge.

They offer both time-based and data-based packages for their travelers. Travelers can enjoy 100 MB by paying 19.95 USD and unlimited data for full flight for 18.80 USD on the B767-300ER aircraft. For enjoying unlimited internet on the B787/A380 aircrafts, travelers will have to pay 21.95 USD.

Service ProvidersJSAT MOBILE Communications Inc. and OnAir

How to connect to the ANA WiFi?

  1. You have to download and have the official ANA Mobile App in your smartphone before you get on the plane. You can download either from the Play store or from the App store.
  2. After you board the plane, head to the WiFi settings option of your smartphone.
  3. Select “ANA-WiFi-Service” from the available networks.
  4. Open the ANA Mobile App and if you are connecting via a browser, then surf to “http://www.ana-inflight-wifi.com”.
  5. Select “Japan Domestic In-flight WiFi” if you are flying domestically or “International My Sky Channel” if you are flying internationally.
  6. If you are traveling internationally, then you have to pay for the WiFi
  7. After paying the charge, you can enjoy the content you want.

What services can be enjoyed through ANA WiFi?

  • Surf the web or check your emails.
  • Enjoy television shows from the ANA app.
  • Listen to songs and watch videos from the ANA app.
  • Shop online using the ANA app.

ANA recommends travelers to not stream videos on the internet as the connection is different from the surface level and the experience might not be good.

ANA free WiFi

ANA only offers free WiFi services for their first-class and domestic travelers. International travelers need to pay a charge to use the network.


ANA offers free WiFi service for their first-class travelers. Other travelers will need to pay a charge for using the network. They offer two types of packages on the two international aircrafts that have WiFi connectivity.

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B777-300ER (unavailable on some aircraft)/B767-300ER

Data-based plans :

ChargePackageData limit
4.95 USDHalf an hour15 MB
8.95 USDAn hour30 MB
19.95 USDFull flight100 MB
  • These packages will expire either when the allotted time gets over or the data limit has been reached.

Time-based plans : 

ChargePackageData limit
6.95 USDHalf an hourUnlimited
14.40 USD180 minutesUnlimited
18.80 USDFull flightUnlimited

B777-300ER (unavailable on some aircraft)/B787/A380

ChargePackageData limit
6.95 USDHalf an hourUnlimited
16.95 USD180 minutesUnlimited
21.95 USDFull flightUnlimited

What can be done with this packages :

  • Email checking.
  • Social media browsing.
  • Surfing the web.

Session time

Travelers can use the packages they purchase once the aircraft takes off and 10 minutes until the plane lands.

Aircrafts with WiFi

The below mentioned aircrafts of ANA offer in-flight WiFi :

B777-300 (773)B787-8 (78P)B787-9 (789)
B737-800 (738/73H)A321 (321)B767-300 (76P)
B777-200 (772)B787-9 (78G)B777-200 (722)
  • The code of the aircrafts is mentioned within the brackets.

The below-mentioned aircraft of ANA does not have in-flight WiFi :

Bombardier DHC8-Q400

Only the below-mentioned aircrafts offer WiFi connectivity on international flights :

B787-8 (78M)A320 (32P)
  • You can see if the aircraft has WiFi connectivity while you reserve your seat.
  • The ANA Wi-Fi Support is open on planes with ANA Wi-Fi Support tags attached beside the passenger cabin gate as well as on the airplane’s internal walls.

Routes with WiFi

ANA provides WiFi connectivity throughout every route in which they operate, except the ones where the government does not allow satellite connectivity on aircrafts.

Compatible devices

All gadgets with WiFi connectivity can be connected to the ANA WiFi except tablets.

Restrictions on usage

Although they do not have any permanent restrictions, travelers can sometimes face problems while watching videos online as the network is slow.

Data usage

Travelers can only enjoy as much data as they purchase. In case of time-based packages, there will be no data limits.

Network speed

The speed of ANA WiFi is okay for simple browsing and email checking. But activities that require faster connections like video watching and playing games are almost impossible to get done.


Does Ana have free Wi-Fi?

ANA only offers free WiFi services for their first-class and domestic travelers. International travelers need to pay a charge to use the network.

How much does ANA onboard Wi-Fi cost?

ANA inflight wifi varies depending on packages, the minimum price is $18.80 to $21.95.

Is ANA WiFi good?

ANA provides high-speed wifi, it will make you happy by connecting onboard.

Contact details

Domestic0120 921 918
International (Japanese)+81 3 4589 9497
International (English)+1 949 204 4523

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