Allegiant Air WiFi: Is Allegiant Have Inflight WiFi?

Allegiant Air is well known to travelers for offering low-cost flights to their desired destinations. They cover more than 120 locations to travel with mere costs. But, for travelers who are keen to use the internet while onboard, Allegiant Air has got some bad news.

Allegiant In-flight WIFI service

Unfortunately, Allegiant Air does not offer any In-flight Wifi service on any of their flights. So, travelers will not be able to stay connected to the internet while flying.

Why doesn’t Allegiant have any in-flight WIFI service?

As we all know, Allegiant offers passengers to travel with low costs. To keep the costs of their services low and continue to offer passengers low-cost trips, they are not including any WIFI service on their flights.

Other things you can do while onboard on Allegiant

Passengers are permitted to use their portable music players, movie players, and laptops while on board. When it becomes okay to be using these gadgets, the in-flight personnel would then inform all travelers.


Travelers are discouraged from using their smartphones or radio while on board, not even on Airplane Mode. As they might very well interrupt the airplane’s GPS devices.

Other In-flight entertainment services

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Currently, no other in-flight entertainment services are offered by Allegiant Airlines.


There are no additional charges as there are no In-flight entertainment services available on Allegiant Air.


Does Allegiant Air have WiFi?

No, there are no WIFI services available on Allegiant Air. 

What in-flight entertainment services does Allegiant Air offer?

Allegiant Air offers no In-flight entertainment services for travelers at this moment as there are no WIFI services available on any of their aircraft.

How much does Allegiant Air charge for In-flight entertainment?

Currently, Allegiant does not have any additional charges as there are no in-flight entertainment services available on their flights.

How do I watch movies on Allegiant Air?

You can watch movies on Allegiant Air by bearing a portable movie player or having movies on your laptop. Movies or other shows can not be streamed while in flight on Allegiant Air as there is no WIFI connectivity on their Flights.

Can I use my phone on Allegiant Air?

Travelers are allowed to use their Portable music players or laptops while in flight on Allegiant Air. Other gadgets like Smartphones and radio devices can not be used even on Airplane Mode. As they might very well interrupt the airplane’s GPS devices.

Allegiant Air Contact details

Customer Care702 505 8888
Reservations844 201 6338

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