This is Alexander, a work-from-home employee of a renowned multinational company and a traveler from the United States.

Since my teenage days, I had a very close relationship with what you call “Traveling”. I still remember my college days when I used to work for different clients for some extra hours to afford my passion. I don’t remember the exact number, but I had already traveled to a good number of countries and famous tourist destinations before I graduated.

So, you can already guess how I choose my professional sector by now. Yes, to continue traveling throughout the world, I choose to work as a work-from-home employee. Now, I can enjoy my passion for traveling and also work from anywhere in the world, there are no boundaries. As you already know about me now, let’s talk about the origin of this blog.

Now, is the world of connectivity. The invention of the Internet is assumed to be the most important invention after Electricity. If there was no Internet, It would not be possible for me to work as a distant employee. Where there is no Internet connection, we feel disconnected from the world.

As I travel twice or sometimes thrice a month, I have to spend a good amount of time waiting at the airports, check In procedures, and onboard flights. I needed to make sure that I stay productive during this time and work on my projects. As a result, I was in bad need of a good WiFi network to keep me connected to the Internet.

But, believe me! My early days of traveling had given me some very awful experiences in airports and flights. I needed to connect to WiFi but didn’t know if the authorities even offer WiFi or not. Sometimes I asked the staff at the airport or any flight attendants, they would tell me the long procedure which I had to follow to start using the network. By the time they finish telling me the procedure, I would forget where to start. It would be much better if I got any written instructions on how to enjoy the WiFi.

You know, sometimes cities have multiple airports and a lot of air carriers operate in those airports. Not all of the airports offer good WiFi connections and I didn’t have any medium to know which one was good. Some airlines provide WiFi services but charge a hefty amount from the passengers, if I could know their WiFi policy from the beginning, I wouldn’t even choose to travel by that airline.

For business-critical individuals as well as frequent travelers, staying connected to the outside world and conducting routine business while flying is essential. Flights lacking internet are tedious and repulsive. However, if someone has access to the internet, they can have a fine experience and finish the necessary tasks while traveling.

As a passenger, I encountered numerous difficulties linking to the web onboard, choosing the appropriate bundles, and finding reliable details online. On the internet, there are hardly any reputable sites. It was challenging to find the correct data and to link appropriately whenever I attempted to use the internet at the terminal or even on the plane.

And So I thought, Why not I, myself solve this problem. I decided to build a blog that would cover the most famous airline and airport WiFi policies so that other travelers do not have to face the problem which I faced a long ago. Just after taking this decision, at Every airport, I visited and the airline I used to travel by, I would note down their WiFi connectivity policy.

But, building this website from scratch was not possible alone. So, I asked two of my friends, to assist me in doing this work. They helped me with their experiences and the final result is this blog. I am very much grateful to them for helping me on this project.

So, this was the origin story of this blog. But, the work hasn’t finished yet. My goal is to incorporate information about WiFi policies of all airports and airlines of the world in this blog. And I am very much hopeful about that. Besides that, I am updating the data which is already available on this blog almost on regular basis, so that travelers can get up-to-date information.

I would appreciate any feedback or advice on how I can improve your experience on this blog.

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Thanks a lot.